What is Farm Gate Sales?

Farm Gate Sales is the term used for the sale of a live animal directly from the farmer. Information about Farm Gate and Inspected Meats in the Yukon can be found here. The service fee for growing, slaughter (killing/dressing) and packaging of your animal will be added to your final invoice.

For a hands-on learning approach, we are happy to show you how to slaughter and/or butcher your chicken at our farm. Bring the family and learn the next steps toward food sovereignty for your household!

Can I have my chicken pieced?

Yes! Lastraw Ranch will now be providing chicken cut & wrap services for an additional fee. Services are in a non-inspected on site facility.

Cut & Wrap Pricing:

$9.0/chicken-Pieced Chicken, Standard packaging (wings, thighs, legs) and (breasts)

$9.50/chicken-Pieced Chicken, Custom packaging (other packaging specifications)

$7.00/chicken- Half-chickens

$3-Shrink wrapping for all Whole Chickens will be added, unless requested as Fresh.

Pieced/Half Chicken will be wrapped in plastic wrap/butcher paper and labeled (one year freezer storage)

How do I go about buying a side of pork?

We offer sales of pork by the side. You purchase the portion of the animal with a deposit and the final balance is charged upon the slaughter hanging weight. All Yukon raised pork is slaughtered in an Inspected Yukon Abattoir. All pork orders can be processed Cut & Wrap at Lastraw Ranch or pick up for home butchering. If you wish to use BonTon for value added (bacon, Sausage etc), please let us know and we can help with your reservation.

How many chickens can I order, and can I order a whole pig?

You can order as many chickens (order early for Early Bird Discount) as you would like, and a whole pig is two sides.

A side of pork is too much for me, and whole turkeys are too big, can I by less?

Our inspected sides of pork are approximately 100lb/side If that is too much, we sell smaller amounts of frozen pork cuts, sausage, bacon and other meat products retail, year-round!